Rfid software and utilities help you create and manage RFID implementations quickly and efficiently. The Software sends control commands to the RFID readers that transmit the data recorded in the tag; these data are reported to the software that supports the specific business application. All this information is synchronized on a server so that real-time access and important information is at your fingertips; the software is accessible from readers, PCs, web, clouds and mobile devices.

Rfid software can offer powerful features, including:

  • Tag and reader configurator
  • Personalized reporting
  • Monitoring in real time, therefore a reduction in response times and consequently costs.

Follow Me Technology for all its projects creates dedicated software, based on the type of project and customer requests. One of the many projects that Follow Me Technology realizes is a system based on Rfid technology for access control. The software allows you to manage user access to specific environments. Whether it’s staff in an office or a store, the software provides the capabilities and ability to manage user access needs to ensure security and privacy. By assigning each person a badge with an Rfid tag inside, you can control the users in which area they are accessing and especially if they are authorized.

To monitor staff access within a store or company, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Set the different zones in which accesses will be controlled thanks to an Rfid badge
  • Divide the personnel according to the areas allowed by them
  • Provide all staff with a badge tagged Rfid, in which all accessible areas are stored
  • Equip the various Rfid antenna ports, depending on where the customer wants to make sure that only authorized personnel enter

In addition to access control, reserved exclusively for personnel, it is possible to monitor the goods in the warehouse.

The system for tracking warehouse resources with Rfid technology is an integrated tracking solution able to monitor and track the various pallets, offering the opportunity to clearly see where they are or who are transported inside the warehouse, reducing losses , damage and precious time.

To monitor and track the various movements of goods in stock, you must perform the following steps:

  • Define the positions in which to monitor the resources;
  • Set the different zones where the resources will be tracked
  • Place RFID readers / antennas in the various areas of passage of goods
  • Provide forklift trucks / transporters with RFID tags

In this way, monitoring of resources becomes an automatic process that is simple and effective.