Sanità e benessere

Follow Me Technology is present in the vast healthcare market with various well-structured projects, with surprising and promising results that use RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.

From October 2015 all the tags provided by Follow Me Technology for the traceability and traceability of the health service are certified and the certification has been notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.
Here are our Medical Devices:

Temperature Control

Real-time temperature control

Temperature Control is a real-time temperature control and monitoring system. Using RFID technology, it is possible to read body temperature, that of hospital freezers (containing organs and biological substances) and that of refrigerators (containing drugs and blood bags). Thanks to an ‘App will, therefore, you can see on a smartphone the temperature and the various information in Nfc.

  • Real-time control.
  • Reduction of clinical risk.
  • Real-time warning of malfunction.
  • Risk prevention.

Currently our “Medical Device” product is being tested in some hospital departments in Lombardy.

H.O. Transport

Transplantation mission for human organs

H. O. Transport is a system that allows you to manage an organs transport mission. From the very first phase of explantation, passing through the control during the journey, up to the moment of implantation. Through a check list you can check the presence of all operators and all the equipment necessary for the successful completion of the mission. Only when the system finds that everything is present and in compliance with the mission can begin (Mission OK). Thanks to the expansion with “Temperature Control” it will be possible to monitor, also, the correct temperature of the organs during all the various steps.

  • Clinical risk reduction.
  • Correct unique donor identification
  • Correct unique identification of the receiver.

Currently our product “H. O. Transports” is being tested in various hospitals in Lombardy and Sardinia.

Traceability Blood

Traceability and traceability of blood

Traceability Blood is a blood control and monitoring system and all derivatives (donor data, blood group, storage period, etc …). Reading through a device and using RFID technology, allows hospital facilities to monitor in real time and with no margin of error the fundamental data in this invaluable process.

  • Real-time control.
  • Reduction of clinical risk.
  • No reading errors.
  • Minor control time

For one year, our company Follow Me Technology supplies all the Hospital apparatuses of the Emilia Romagna Region.