Follow Me Technology Srl was founded in 2007 in Milan; the mission always chosen is the path of high-tech innovation, through customized solutions with low environmental impact.

The peculiarity of Follow Me Technology is being able to print tags through a special conductive ink; this allows us to offer traditional tags, but also innovative tags. We collaborate with Italian and international partners, leaders in the sectors of reference.

The competitive advantage that Follow Me Technology can provide to its customers comes from the flexibility of our proposal. Follow Me Technology is configured as a system integrator, designing particular transponders / tags according to the final use; marketing tags by transforming them with special supports and protections; working them directly or making them work for third parties.


Foundation and creation of Follow Me Th Srl (September 27, 2007)


Timing sport: in 2008 Follow Me Th organized a race in Milan using Rfid technology. Participants in this race were equipped with a particular Rfid bracelet applied to the right ankle. Upon arrival, Rfid antennas were positioned, which registered the travel time associated with the race number when the participants passed.


Museum of Alessandria: In 2009 the project was realized in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum of Alexandria; a Rfid tag was applied to each work. In the various tags applied were recorded information (Origin, type of use, descriptions, etc.) and thanks to the application that was downloaded on each smartphone it was possible to listen to the information, bringing it closer to the tag.


Traciability Blood: Start of the project in the health sector. Blood bags are tracked using RFID technology. The computerization of radiofrequency identification procedures ensures a correct association between the contents of the blood bag and the relative patient. On the tag it is possible to record numerous data, so as to be able to identify perfectly in addition to the characteristics of its content, also the origin of the same.


Blind Project: Follow Me Th realizes for the blind a bracelet that is able to read any product with Rfid tags and transform the information into audio for those who have serious visual difficulties.


Follow Me Th, thanks to the blind project, receives the award for technological innovation from the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and the Presidency of the Republic.


Development and implementation of a software system (Primo in Italy)
iRisk Blood authorized by the Lombardy Region to be presented in all the Lombardy hospitals for transfusion safety, entirely in Rfid HF


Larusmiani Project: Retail logistics, inventory management, warehouse control and anti-shoplifting, all in Rfid Uhf.
The Larusmiani garments are tagged with our Rfid tags. When the garments pass into cash and are paid, the system switches the tag encoding to “Paid”


Laundering Project: Follow Me Th produces a silicone tag and its containment bag capable of withstanding the mechanical, chemical and physical stresses typical of this market segment.


Realize “NFC 2SPEECH” and “QRCODE 2SPEECH” apps that can transform the information contained in a tag or Qr code into audio information for people with visual impairments.


Traceability of waste: the bags are tagged and coded with identification code. They are read through a special reader and verify the correctness of the waste collection, giving each citizen the precise taxation.